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Rejuvology is a holistic method that integrates various disciplines to create an outcome that surpasses traditional facials & face massage.

This comprehensive therapy combines ancient and modern techniques, that revitalise both your face and your emotional well-being.

Rejuvology has been meticulously created by Abigail James, following over 20 years Of Clinical practice and advanced study which have shaped this unique method into an unparalleled experience.

  • Rejuvology massage taps into several systems of the body to create a positive impact on the skin, fascia. nervous, muscular, circulatory and lymphatic systems as well creating balance and flow to the body’s energy.
  • Revive Your Facial Contour: Experience a noticeable improvement in the appearance of your face. Rejuvology’s specialised techniques effectively restore skin suppleness, promoting freedom, and elasticity in your connective tissues.
  • Enhance Your Vitality of Expression: The unique massage methods engage the muscles, fascia & lymphatic system promoting optimal blood & lymph flow, aiding detoxification & complexion vibrance.
  • Support Emotional Well-being: Rejuvology’s therapeutic touch not only revives your facial contours but also soothes your nervous system.

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"Natural Facelift"

Rejuvology is a hands-on method of facial rejuvenation massage, working on the head, neck and face... reviving facial contour while supporting and improving emotional well-being

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