Advanced Treatments

Advanced Skin Rejuvenation Systems:

At Pure Skin,  the latest technology has been carefully selected to provide superior Non-Invasive skincare treatments! Namely Bio-Therapeutic technology (USA) and Venus Swan (Canada)…..The results are a more 'Natural Approach' to correcting the signs of ageing!

Microneedling - Face, Neck  & Decolleté              1hr         R 1050   
Skin rejuvenation, tighten pores, brighten & refine the skin, treat pigmentation & redness. The most effective way to increase collagen production,  for results that last up to 6 months.  Results: a more even-toned skin, smoother & more refined, softening of wrinkles.

Non-surgical  micro-current  Face Lifting:

Firm & Lift Facial              1hr15    R  650 
Tighten, tone and lift the face. This treatment boosts product penetration, improves collagen & elastin production, providing an effective method to restore your Skin s youthful appearance. Best results will be achieved with 6 - 10 sessions. Perfect for: Improving muscle tone, define your features, natural face lifts!

Mesolux Treatment  1hr               R 650 
Combining needle free Meso-therapy & Red light therapy to enhance penetration of active serums & promote collagen production. A non-invasive treatment for improving your skin.

Mesolux +Peel  1hr         R 650 
A superficial Peel treatment followed by needle-free mesotherapy to enhance ampoule penetration for superior results.  Perfect for: Improved texture, overall radiance. For best results:  6 sessions

Nano Fusion       1hr15     R 800  Nano your way to beautiful skin, no needles required!  Improve penetration & absorption of active ingredients without damaging the skin. A non-invasive skin treatment with great results. Fast, painless, safe.